The models on this page were created (or are being created) and rendered using several different modelling and ray-tracing programs. For more information about the various tools I use, check the links in the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

A word of explanation about the tables below may be helpful. The box at the end of the row with the name of an object indicates both the program used to create the model file and whether a model file is available to be downloaded.

'3dm' indicates a model file for use with Rhino 3D.
'ics' indicates a model file for use with IronCAD.
'pov' indicates a model file for use with POV-Ray.

All of the model files on this page are for non-commercial use only. If you wish to use any of these models in a commercial application, you must first contact me and include details about your intended use.



Avro Arrow 3dm
This picture shows a series of cross sections which will eventually be lofted to form the main part of the fuselage. Work has stalled on this model for the moment as I need better reference materials from which to work. The plastic model kit I was using as a reference is currently stored away due to my having moved house.

Science Fiction

The Spindrift from The Land of the Giants
I am in the middle of working on this model. I have most of the reference lines and points in place which I need to make the model surfaces as you can see here.
Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Board 3dm
This rendering of the chess board was made by BMRT.
The model is based on information in the Star Trek® Technical Reference Manual.
Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Pieces 3dm
This rendering of the chess pieces was made by BMRT. The knight chess piece (third from the right) is still a work in progress.
The model is based on information in the Star Trek® Technical Reference Manual.


Teddy Bear
I am creating this in Rhino 3D. I will eventually export it to Blender so it can be animated.
Toy top (One of my first 3D objects)
I created this object in Rhino 3D and rendered it using BMRT (via the RhinoMan plug-in).


Lead glass sphere in a wooden base pov 3dm
This was just something I created while playing around with POVRay. I later created a version in Rhino 3D to experiment with the tie-ins to the Rhinoman plug-in and BMRT renderer.
Flower pot 3dm
This is based on the flower pots my mother uses in her garden. The odd shape on the bottom of the pot allows them to sit on the railing around the backyard deck. I created this using Rhino 3D but I used IronCAD to shell the two main pieces of the model. Here are top and bottom views of the model.
Garbage Can ics
This model was created in IronCAD based on a plastic garbage can I have sitting on my workbench. I created it as a learning exercise.
Elecraft K2 Radio ics
This is another model I started while learning how to use IronCAD. It is not complete. Here are images of the front and back of the model.
Toilet 3dm
This was my first paid modelling job. As a result, I will not be able to put up the model file for the object. Here are images of the front and back