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Art and Photography


Books, Periodicals, and Journals

Company/Commercial Sites

In case you ever have a problem with a company
Computer companies on Internet
Computer Imaging
Want to know if a company is on the Internet? Try one of the following sites.
Other commercial sites.
  • Bear St. (For my sister who likes bears)
    Bear St. presents the wide wild world of GUND.

Computer Graphics - 3D

3D Modelling Software
  • IronCAD
    Primarily a surface modeller with some very innovative features.
  • Rhinoceros 3D
    A NURBS based surface modeller for Windows.
  • Blender A modelling, rendering, animation, and gaming tool. Originally created for a unix OS, but other versions now exist.
3D Rendering Software
  • 3Delight
    A fast RenderMan®-compliant renderer designed to produce photorealistic images for serious production environments. Available for Windows and Linux.
  • Aqsis Renderer
    A RenderMan® compliant 3D rendering toolkit. Version are available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.
  • Pixie
    A RenderMan® like photorealistic renderer.
    NOTE: This site is no longer maintained.
  • Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
3D objects and meshes
Other 3D related sites
  • RManNotes (from Internet Archive)
    General information about writing shaders in the RenderMan® Shading Language and using the two most commonly available RenderMan® renderers (PRMan and BMRT).
  • The Blender Artists Community
    has lots of stuff relating to the Blender program.

Computer Graphics - General

2D Software

Computer Stuff

Linux related web sites
BSD-style Unix sites
Visual Basic
Information related to software development
Miscellaneous computer related sites



Some sites that run online courses

Fun Stuff

Adventure Games
Flight Simulators
  • FlightGear
    FlightGear is an open-source multi-platform flight simulator.
  • X-Plane
    X-Plane is multi-platform and calls itself the worlds most advanced flight simulator.
  • X-Plane community
Machines on the Internet
Some other sites with fun stuff

Government Sites

Canadian Government sites
U.S. Government sites
Other government sites

Hobbies and Recreation

Model Kits (Makers and Sellers)
Model Making and Kit Building

Internet Information

Job Listings


Movies and Television

Sites about television programmes having a science fiction theme
  • the Max Headroom chronicles
    A M-M-Max Compendium from the Max Headroom project
  • The official Star Trek web site for all series
Some companies that produce movies and/or television programs






Travel and Tourism

For people planning a trip to Canada:
United States
United Kingdom
Some Other Countries and Places to Visit on Internet
Planning a vacation? Check out these sites.