Amateur (as in ham) Radio Links

Check the Space Environment Center for the current solar forecast

Amateur Radio Callsign Servers
Company/Commercial Sites
Amateur radio organizations for particular countries
Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs
Other Amateur Radio Clubs/Groups on the 'Net
  • G-QRP Club
    They have a good links page with pointers to other QRP related sites.
  • Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
  • BayCom: Bavarian Packet Radio Group
  • WA3NAN Goddard Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
    They retransmit live Space Shuttle air-to-ground communications (audio only)
  • The W6YX Stanford Amateur Radio Club has list of other clubs on the 'Net.
    You can also look for someones TCP/IP address (if one has been assigned)
Automatic Position Reporting System
Information on high speed packet radio (9600 baud and up)
Industry Canada Documents
  • GridSquare Conversion
    Convert a grid square reference to latitude and longitude, or convert a latitude and longitude in to a grid square reference.
  • Amateur Radio Newsline