I do not claim ownership of the information which follows. I have had this information since the late 90's. It is just one of several articles about the Sony 2010 I obtained via packet radio.

Frequency Adjustment

01/05/93 15:08:00
I have a Service Manual for the Sony ICF-2010 and the alignment
procedure forwarded by you from Genie is partially correct and
I am amazed how the original author stumbled into it just by
looking at the radio.  Following is the instructions taken from
the manual, which leave something to be desired, since pictures
of the actual circuit board are part of the procedure and are
important for identifying the adjustment points.

    Sync Adjustment

    Note: Frequency setting may alter when adjusted with shield
    plate (K) removed from sync board.


    Band: AM
    Mode: as directed
    AM RF GAIN Control: as adequate
    Frequency: as directed
    SYNC switch: as directed

    Remove shield plate (K) and connect a test lead to pin 6
    (varicap voltage) for VTVM and frequency counter and
    reinstall shield plate (K).

    (There is a picture of a PC board trace with arrows where to
    attach the VTVM, Frequency counter, and Oscilliscope which
    defy any way of being described here.  There are three
    adjusting points; CT601 (a variable cap) which is located
    through a small hole in the shielded SYNC unit itself, VT1 (a
    pot) which is located directly next to the shielded SYNC unit
    on the right, and VT2 a pot) which is on the left of the
    shielded SYNC unit near the corner of the printed circuit


    1. Correctly and just tune in the set to a known, stable and
    strong AM station in NARROW and SYNC MODE off modes.

    2. Set mode to USB.

    3. Adjust VT1 for a 1.5V DC VTVM reading.

    4. Adjust CT601 for a zero-beat note and waveform.  (There is
    a picture of the proper and improper oscilliscope waveforms.)

    5. Turn SYNC switch on and, adjust VT2 and set it to the
    point at which SYNC LOWER indicator just turns off to SYNC
    UPPER indication.
    Slowly turn VT2 back to the point at which SYNC UPPER
    indicator just turns off to SYNC LOWER indication, and leave
    VT2 as is.

    6. Turn MANUAL TUNING knob to obtain a frequency indication
    just 100 Hz above the carrier of the station being received.
    (only one advancement in the final digit).  Now, the SYNC
    UPPER indicator should light.

    7. Frequency counter should read 3.640 MHz + or - 100 Hz.

Refer to the original message from Gary Pupurs on Genie as
forwarded to this echo by Bill Oxner for a description on how to
open, precautions to take, and how to identify the SYNC unit.
Since my display is spot on, I did not open up the radio to
verify the colors of the pots.

The service manual is quite comprehensive and includes the owners
manual instructions, disassembly instructions, adjustments and
alignment procedures, voltage testpoint tables, sample waveform
patterns, mounting diagram (ghost of PC board and components),
schematic diagram, and parts list.  It can be ordered by calling
816/891-7550 and going through the automated voices to
publications.  Cost was around $10 when I got mine three years
and they do charge $3 for shipping and take plastic.

As Gary Pupurs warned, fooling around without a Service Manual is
not for the faint hearted and a trip to the Sony Service Repair
Center will most certainly be more costly than the Manual.  I
order a Service Manual as soon as I acquire any consumer electric
item and they have certainly paid off.

 * Origin: The Emporium BBS HST/V32/V42 708-551-9275 (1:115/551)