What is LogScribe?

LogScribe is a common gateway interface (CGI) program written in PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language). It is designed to provide a method of logging and graphically representing accesses to a web site.

The main web page for information on LogScribe can be found at: http://www.texas.net/~cedras/logscribe/.

The problems

The LogScribe program was last modified in October of 1996. It displays the year using only 2 digits so the year 2000 appears as 00. I also discovered that the graphic image used to display one of the bars could wind up with a WIDTH specifier of 0 for pages with few accesses.

The modifications

It was a simple matter to fix both of the problems outlined above. Only the showlog.pl file needed to be modified to fix the WIDTH specifier problem. The showlog.pl and pagelog.pl files both needed minor changes to make them Y2K compliant (ie. display the year as four digits). I also fixed a couple of other minor bugs.