Downloading the programs

This page contains links for the current and previous releases of the OQP Contest Logger software bundled together in a zip file. To extract the files you will need a program such as pkzip or WinZip.

In the "Other files" section I have included a script that will convert a log file in Cabrillo format to the format used by the OQP contest logger software. This will allow some of you to use the logging programs you may prefer to use while still letting you use the OQP logging software to check your score and generate summary sheet(s) that can be sent to the contest organizers.

Current release

Several changes were made to the rules of the OQP for 2007. This required some software changes. You MUST use the 1.07 (or later) version of the OQP Contest Logger for any OQP contest starting from 2007 onward.

Version 1.07.1 (186k zip file)
OQP.DAT for 2011 and later (excluding 2017, included in .zip file)
OQP.DAT for 2017 only

Previous releases

Version 1.06.1 of the OQP Contest Logger is only to be used for OQP contest logs before 2007! It is NOT to be used for the 2007 (or later) OQP contests.

Version 1.06.1 (186k zip file)

Other files

A script to convert a log file from Cabrillo to OQP Log format.

In order to run the above script on a Windows machine you will need to have a Perl package installed such as ActivePerl. I plan to create a standard DOS executable sometime in the future to eliminate the need for Perl.