Callsign Lookup

This is the first program I have written for the Palm OS. It is an off-shoot of my work on the OQP logging software. It is a simple to use program that will give you some basic information relating to an amateur radio call sign.

To use the program you simply enter the call sign of an amateur radio station and hit the "Lookup" button. The program will analyze the entered call sign and display the prefix it determined from the call. It will also display the continent, CQ and ITU zones, and the DXCC entity based on the determined prefix.


The program is currently at version 0.6.9 and is working for me on my Palm based PDA. There are still a few things I want to do with the program. One of those items is to display the dates for which the DXCC entity is valid. I will post further information as the development of this program progresses.