I discovered TinyScheme while I was doing research to locate a suitable Scheme interpreter for use as a replacement to the very old, out-of-date, and non-standards compliant, SIOD interpreter used in the Script-Fu plug-in of GIMP. The new plug-in for GIMP is called Tiny-Fu and uses the TinyScheme interpreter.

The biggest problem I have had with TinyScheme has been the lack of any documentation detailing how to use it as part of another program. Fortunately it wasn't difficult to work out how to use it by examining the source code.

Standards compliance

TinyScheme holds up rather well when running the R4RS compliance test script (which contains approximately 500 separate tests). TinyScheme passes all of the tests except for about three or four dozen. Some small(?) changes should allow TinyScheme to pass many of the tests which currently fail.

Bug fixes

I was added to the TinyScheme development team mid-November of 2007 so I am able to commit changes to the projects code repository. As a result, I removed the TinyScheme patch file I had here. Any future bug or R5RS/R6RS compatability fixes will be added to TinyScheme bug reports, or committed directly to the project repository.

A list of known bugs in TinyScheme can be found in the bug tracking system of SourceForge. Most of the bugs listed there will also be found in the version of TinyScheme used in the Script-Fu plug-in of GIMP 2.4 (and later versions).


I am planning to add the following information to the TinyScheme section of my wiki: